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Link Tank 28/03

Published on 2015-03-28 03:03:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

The sage, the strange and the silly.

The vast Empire of Censorship in Europe - and how to fight it

Big Tobacco is concerned for your health

"It is important to distinguish between legitimate public health and tobacco control"

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Hunter-gatherer Moralists with Cell Phones

Published on 2015-03-27 17:16:33.
Website: Frank Davis

More on lunatic “health” experts from James Delingpole: There was a letter to the Daily Telegraph last weekend which depressed me more than anything I’ve read in ages. It reported the visit by a social worker to an elderly woman … Continue reading →

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UDC: "Pour la liberté et les droits démocratiques"

Published on 2015-03-27 16:08:20.
Website: Accueil

UDC: "La gauche politique se sert de plus en plus souvent de l'Etat pour changer la société. Selon notre vision des choses, l'Etat d»oit obéir aux mandats que lui donnent les citoyens et non l'inverse. (A dr. Thomas de Courten,cons.nat. (UDC/BL)

"Celui qui abandonne la liberté pour obtenir un peu de sécurité, ne mérite ni l'un, ni l'autre et finit par perdre les deux." Ces paroles intelligentes de Benjamin Franklin me sont passé par la tête lorsque j'ai entendu récemment le professeur Georg Kreis critiquer vertement les droits démocratiques. Membre du PLR, professeur d'histoire à la retraite, ancien directeur de l'institution européen et porte-parole engagé de la commission Bergier et de la commission antiracisme, Georg Kreis ne s'en prend pas pour la première fois à l'usage "sans gêne et sans retenue" [1] des droits du peuple en politique suisse. Il s'est aussi plaint autrefois du fait que, si on tenait compte de la participation aux votations, "une minorité d'individus brutaux, stupides et doublement irresponsables pouvaient écarter les avis dûment réfléchis du Conseil fédéral et du Parlement" [2]. Voilà qui en dit long du respect de ce Monsieur pour les décisions du souverain."

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More evidence on alcohol advertising

Published on 2015-03-27 08:45:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

No matter how much evidence shows that advertising affects brand choice rather than total consumption, the public health racket will continue to say the exact opposite.

For example, Gerard Hastings recently appeared before a House of Lords committee to talk about alcohol regulation. Whilst there, he told this brazen whopper...

"All the evidence is that if marketing is encouraging you to consume a particular brand, it is also going to have an impact on category."
"All the evidence" does not say that. On the contrary, the overwhelming majority of the evidence shows that advertising for any established category, including alcohol, has little or no effect on overall consumption.

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Creeping Fascism

Published on 2015-03-26 17:52:09.
Website: Frank Davis

Well, that didn’t take long. Last night I wrote: The next revelation might well be that she’s actually the real public health minister, and Jane Ellison is just one of her stooges. H/T Taking Liberties, Deborah Arnott has gone one better … Continue reading →

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You WILL Drink In The Pub, Godammit!

Published on 2015-03-26 14:12:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

The Irish licensed trade has come up with an ingenious business plan ... it's cosying up to government drink-haters to welcome consumers back to the pub by force.
In a move clearly targeted at the big supermarket chains, where cans of lager are routinely offered for below €1 each in bulk deals, the group called for a floor price of €1 “or more” to be introduced on every 10 grams of alcohol in a product. That would put the minimum retail price of a 500ml can of beer with a 5% alcohol concentration at €2.So, Ireland already boasts (if that's the word) the most expensive alcohol in the EU apart from Finland, but these guys want to see the Irish public screwed even harder to nobble their competition?

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Healthy high streets

Published on 2015-03-26 06:55:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

The medical establishment's bid for world domination continued today, with the Royal Society for Public Health (whoever they are) demanding the right to decide which shops are allowed to open and where they should be allowed to position their goods. In the same way as Lord Darzi has a fascist desire to turn public parks into 'Beacons of Health', this mob wants to live out their Albert Speer fantasies in our town centres.

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California Department of Public Health E-Cigarette Web Site is Full of Lies; Why Can't They Just Tell the Truth?

Published on 2015-03-26 02:39:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco and Alcohol News Analysis and Commentary

I never thought I would say this, but in March 2015, public health officials are telling more lies to the public about the health effects of smoking than the tobacco industry.

I took the time to review the web site that the California Department of Public Health put together about electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes and was appalled to find that the site is full of lies.

Here they are (these are not direct quotes but assertions that are clearly insinuated):

1. E-cigarettes are no healthier than tobacco cigarettes.

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Who Runs The Government?

Published on 2015-03-25 17:11:51.
Website: Frank Davis

I wrote last night that the government will always do whatever ASH tells them to do. H/T Simon Clark, we now perhaps know why. Breaking news. Whether by accident or design, public health minister Jane Ellison has just revealed what we all … Continue reading →

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Who Is Misinforming Jane Ellison About E-Cigs?

Published on 2015-03-25 12:26:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

Today, anti-smoking group Fresh North East issued a press release which expressed worries about how e-cigs are being portrayed.
In 1976 Prof Michael Russell wrote that 'smokers smoke for the nicotine but die from the tar. When we urge people to stop smoking, we explicitly mean to quit smoking tobacco. It is a worry that concern among smokers over the perceived dangers of electronic cigarettes and vapourisers appears to be rising compared to the much more harmful product which is tobacco.  A significant number of people hold incorrect beliefs about the harm from electronic cigarettes and nicotine - believing that part or most of the health risks from smoking are from nicotine.Unusually for a tobacco control industry press release, this is actually true. Nicotine has been described by the RCP as a "very safe drug", by NICE as "relatively harmless", and Waldum et al concluded that "our study does not indicate any harmful effect of nicotine when given in its pure form by inhalation". So who is spreading all this alarm about nicotine?

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California Department of Public Health Running Campaign to Keep Smokers from Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

Published on 2015-03-25 03:01:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco and Alcohol News Analysis and Commentary

I was absolutely shocked when I viewed the new print ad campaign coming from the California Department of Public Health, which Stan Glantz had touted as being outstanding. The campaign could not be any more advantageous for the combustible cigarette industry than if cigarette manufacturers had designed the campaign themselves. But to top off this sad story, the cigarette companies are not spewing forth the same false and misleading propaganda, even though it would benefit their cigarette sales. Instead, it is the California state health department that is doing the industry's bidding. This is a startling and sad retreat from the days when California was truly a leader in tobacco control.

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In The Pocket of ASH

Published on 2015-03-24 17:10:28.
Website: Frank Davis

Too sleepy to even think tonight. So here’s Dick Puddlecote on ASH’s latest wheeze: Paul Burstow is a particularly oleaginous, one-track minded anti-smoker who is Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Smoking and Health. This group is … Continue reading →

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Mascot Watch #31: ASH In The Trough Edition

Published on 2015-03-24 12:49:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

There have been many stories in the press about MPs getting their noses in the trough, but this is one about a Lib Dem MP using his influence to get someone else's nose into a very lucrative trough indeed.

Paul Burstow is a particularly oleaginous, one-track minded anti-smoker who is Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Smoking and Health. This group is secretaried by ASH and acts as the political arm of their lobbying operation.

With this in mind, here is what Burstow presented to Westminster yesterday on the subject of George Osborne's proposed annual levy on tobacco companies (which he stole from Labour).

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Where are John Dalli's supporters now?

Published on 2015-03-24 04:50:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Silvio Zammit is currently on trial in Malta as a part of the John Dalli corruption scandal. It's not easy to summarise such a long-running saga briefly, but these are the basic facts:

John Dalli, a Maltese politician, was the EU Health Commissioner until he was sacked by Manuel Barroso, then the president of the European Commission, in October 2012.
A close friend of Dalli named Silvio Zammit was caught on tape trying to solicit a €60m bribe from the snus company Swedish Match in return for Dalli overturning the EU ban on snus. Swedish Match recorded this conversation and immediately handed them over to the EU fraud office, OLAF.

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Washington Governor and Legislature Seeking to Protect Cigarette Profits; Legislation Would Decimate Public Health by Increasing Cigarette Consumption

Published on 2015-03-24 02:40:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco and Alcohol News Analysis and Commentary

Under the guise of acting to "protect the children," the Washington State Governor and legislature are poised to protect cigarette profits at the expense of the public's health.

A new bill, introduced last week in the House, would impose the strictest regulations on e-cigarettes of any state in the country. In addition to banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, requiring labeling changes, and requiring child-proof packaging of e-liquids (which are reasonable), the bill would also: (1) ban flavorings - other than tobacco and menthol; (2) ban online e-cigarette sales; and (3) impose a 95% tax on e-cigarettes and all e-cigarette accessories (e.g., batteries); and (4) require the name and address of every purchaser of e-cigarettes to be recorded and saved for five years.

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L'ignorance crasse de nos parlementaires sur l'Inquisition via le Net stupéfie !

Published on 2015-03-23 19:01:16.
Website: Accueil

Le Matin: "«Le recoupement des données personnelles est le vrai risque»

"Les parlementaires Ada Marra et Jean-Christophe Schwaab réagissent après une étude montrant que les sites internet des politiciens à Berne collectent à leur insu les données de leurs visiteurs.

"Les résultats d'une étude parue lundi 23 mars dans le Tages-Anzeiger font bondir dans le microcosme fédéral. En effet, l'enquête révèle que sur les 225 sites web des parlementaires, quelque 142 logiciels de web tracking - qui permettent de récolter anonymement les données des internautes pour les utiliser à des fins commerciales - avaient été repérés. "

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In What Year?

Published on 2015-03-23 17:15:41.
Website: Frank Davis

The Ebola epidemic drags on: Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the head of the United Nations mission against the Ebola virus in Africa, told the BBC he expects the outbreak that began in February 2014 to be vanquished “by the end … Continue reading →

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News From The Slope

Published on 2015-03-23 13:39:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

No, the title isn't a Clarkson reference. I just thought you'd be interested in some of the crackpots that tobacco control industry policies have unleashed recently. Please remember, though, that there is no such thing as a slippery slope.

A wibbling loon writes:
We are now faced with concerning population lifestyle trends where countries such as the U.S. see half the population consuming sugar beverages on any given day ... I don't know about you, but I struggle to see how 50% of people drinking one nice-tasting drink - ranging from Coca-Cola through to orange juice - on any given day is a problem. People like nice tasting things, and one drink a day is hardly Armageddon, now is it? I presume the point is to infer that half of the population are guzzling the things from dawn till dusk ... and it's all the fault of those evil capitalists!

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Nina Teicholz's Big Fat Surprise

Published on 2015-03-23 03:53:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Nina Teicholz's book The Big Fat Surprise received favourable reviews from the Economist and from former BMJ editor Richard Smith so I decided to read it. I wish I hadn't bothered. Teicholz's thesis in a nutshell is that we have been lied to for years about saturated fat, leading Americans to adopt a low-fat, high-carb diet that has made them obese and diabetic and probably given them cancer. She concludes that we should go back to eating lots of red meat and dairy products like people did in the good old days.

I became suspicious of this book almost immediately when the author nonchalantly dismisses America's increasingly sedentary lifestyle as a factor in the rise of obesity between 1970 and the present day, saying:

These eight words in a parenthetical aside is the only reference to physical activity in the book. It is unreferenced and untrue.

Suspecting that Teicholz might not be fully on top of her brief, I searched out a critique online and found a forensic fisking by Seth Yoder at The Science of Nutrition who makes a compelling case for viewing Tiecholz as a hopelessly biased, cherry-picking plagiarist. More of that in a moment, but first let's return to the basic premise that Americans used to eat lots of fat and now they don't.

Teicholz repeatedly claims that "Since the 1970s, we have successfully ...  reduced the amount of fat we eat from 43 percent to 33 percent of calories or less." Lord knows where she gets the 43 per cent figure from*, but she compounds the error by claiming that this shows that Americans have reduced their fat consumption by 25 per cent. Neither claim is true.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the USA between 1970 and 1994, average calorie intake rose in the USA for both men and women (in contrast to the UK) as a result of an increase in carbohydrate intake. As a result, fat as a percentage of total calories fell, from 36.9% to 32.8% for men and from 36.1% to 32.8% for women, but fat consumption fell little, if at all. Indeed, the CDC clearly states: "The decrease in the percentage of kcals from fat during 1971--1991 is attributed to an increase in total kcals consumed; absolute fat intake in grams increased."

As for saturated fat, the CDC notes that between 1970 and 2000, "the percentage of kcals from saturated fat decreased from 13.5% to 10.9% for men and from 13.0% to 11.0% for women." By my calculations, this means that the number of calories men consumed from saturated fat fell from 331 to 285 and the number consumed by women rose from 200 to 206. Hardly a dramatic change but, again, Teicholz refers only to the percentages. She does not mention that the decline for men was tiny, nor that there was no decline at all for women. Nor, indeed, does she mention that the percentage of saturated fat in the American diet is still higher than "less than 10%" recommended in the official recommendations. 

In other words, and contrary to Teicholz's endless assertions, Americans have not "dutifully" followed government guidelines, they do not have a low-fat diet and they certainly do not have a "near-vegetarian diet".

The "near-vegetarian diet" claim, which is made more than a dozen times in The Big Fat Surprise, is so patently ludicrous that one wonders why her editor didn't pull her up on it. Here's a chart of the world's biggest meat-eaters. Looking from the top down, it won't take you long to find the USA...

 On page 116, Teicholz shows US meat consumption since 1909...

So a "near-vegetarian diet" means eating more meat than nearly any other country and eating more meat than Americans have eaten since records began? Teicholz defends this bizarre claim by saying "about half is poultry" (it's actually more like a third if this graph is correct**) and then berates the US Department of Agriculture for stating, perfectly accurately, that meat consumption is at a "record high". She claims that this is "misleading because they lump together red meat and chicken into one category" (p. 116). Yeah, they do: the category of 'meat'. You know why? Because chicken is meat. But even if you think that chicken is a vegetable, it is still clear that Americans are eating more red meat—which Teicholz claims is "virtually banned" in the USA! (p. 5)—than they did for most of the twentieth century. (Her claim that Native Americans ate "a diet of predominantly meat, mainly from buffalo" is also very dubious.)

Since the premise is untrue, the conclusion she draws from it—that Americans suffer from obesity and diabetes because they've been living off celery and mung beans since the 1970s—must also be untrue. But between the premise and the conclusion we have the, er, meat of the argument which revolves around the evidence for the belief that saturated fat causes heart disease. This is fertile ground for a popular science book, which is why several popular science books have already been written about it, notably Gary Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories which has given Teicholz a great deal of inspiration, to say the least.

Saturated fat is no longer seen as the singular dietary villain that it once was. It seems clear that it raises levels of 'bad cholesterol' which, in turn, increases the risk of heart disease, but the risk may not be as great as was previously believed. The most recent Cochrane Review on the subject concluded:

The findings are suggestive of a small but potentially important reduction in cardiovascular risk on modification of dietary fat, but not reduction of total fat, in longer trials. Lifestyle advice to all those at risk of cardiovascular disease and to lower risk population groups, should continue to include permanent reduction of dietary saturated fat and partial replacement by unsaturates. The ideal type of unsaturated fat is unclear.
This is not enough for Teicholz, who wants the reader to believe that saturated fat is not a risk factor for anything and should instead be viewed as a disease prophylactic. To switch from one extreme to the other she has to take some astonishing liberties with the evidence. I'm not sufficiently interested in the topic to check Teicholz's references—no casual reader should have to—and so I would have been deceived time and again had it not been for the fact-checking of the aforementioned Seth Yoder. I recommend you read his two blog posts, even if you are not interested in reading Teicholz's book. It delivers a heavy blow to Teicholz's credibility and her lame response to him suggests that she knows she hasn't a leg to stand on. (She promised a point-by-point rebuttal by mid-March but that has yet to materialise.)

The Big Fat Surprise: A critical review part one

The Big Fat Surprise: A critical review part two

Seth has identified many examples of Teicholz borrowing from other people, but especially from Gary Taubes. She not only uses many of the same sources as Taubes (which is often fair enough), but she tends to take the exact same quotes and makes the exact same mistakes as Taubes does in a way that suggests she hasn't even read some of the original sources. For example...
BFS, page 112:[W]hen Senator McGovern announced his Senate committee’s report, called Dietary Goals, at a press conference in 1977, he expressed a gloomy outlook about where the American diet was heading. “Our diets have changed radically within the past fifty years,” he explained, “with great and often harmful effects on our health.”
The problem here is that Teicholz cites the source of this quote as “Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs of the United States Senate, Dietary Goals for the United States (Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1977); 1.” However, this quote does not appear on page 1. It appears on page XIII. Normally I would chalk this up to a simple citation error. The reason I mention it is because Taubes uses the same exact quote on page 10 of GCBC, and also mistakenly cites the source of the quote as being on page 1. I would argue (as I have done previously many times) that this is good evidence that Teicholz is simply lifting sentences from others and simply citing what they cite – likely without ever even seeing the source material.
The accusation of plagiarism does not reflect well on Teicholz, but they do not destroy her argument. However, Seth also gives numerous examples of highly selective quotation. For example...

After discussing the Ornish diet for a bit, Teicholz mentions a paper on page 145 that reviews the evidence for (very) low-fat diets:
Tufts University nutrition professor Alice Lichtenstein and a colleague reviewed the very low-fat diet for the AHA [

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March E-Cigarette Madness: Regional Results for Worst E-Cigarette Lie

Published on 2015-03-23 03:20:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco and Alcohol News Analysis and Commentary

Today, I reveal the brackets and the regional finalists for the 2015 Rest of the Story Worst E-Cigarette Lie Championship. Those who have been following the Rest of the Story recently will recognize that there were a huge number of eligible contestants and that the work of the selection committee was difficult. The semifinalists and finalists will be revealed over the coming days. Criteria for selection included: (1) the extent of the misinformation provided to the public about e-cigarettes; and (2) the amount of probable damage to the public's health resulting by the misinformation.

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Ils veulent tous s'emparer du Net...

Published on 2015-03-21 17:15:29.
Website: Accueil

rue89: Cofondateur de Mozilla et membre du Conseil national du numérique, Tristan Nitot a été reçu vendredi par plusieurs représentants des ministères. Il expose ci-dessous ses graves préoccupations devant les dangers du projet de loi sur le renseignement en France.

En Suisse, les Chambres fédérales rejettent l'initiative parlementaire de Jean-Christophe Schwaab (Photo). cons nat. (PS/VD) visant  à protéger l'identité numérique des citoyens mais s'empresse de gober tout cru la Loi sur le renseignement y compris ses outrances liberticides indigestes.

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A 90 ans, l'usurier exploitait la faiblesse de prostituées !

Published on 2015-03-21 06:26:08.
Website: Accueil

La Tribune de Genève: "Un nonagénaire est reconnu coupable d’usure au détriment de deux locataires.

"Fait rare à Genève: un propriétaire est condamné pour avoir profité de la situation de dépendance de deux prostituées. Selon nos informations, le nonagénaire, qui possède notamment un immeuble à la rue de Berne, a été sanctionné cette semaine pour usure et contrainte. D’après l’ordonnance pénale du premier procureur Stéphane Grodecki, le prévenu écope de 180 jours-amende avec sursis et doit payer 2500 fr. de frais de procédure. Il est également prié de s’acquitter d’une amende de 10 000 fr. sous peine de passer 45 jours derrière les barreaux. Et il doit encore 74 000 fr. à l’Etat."

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Link Tank 21/03

Published on 2015-03-21 04:10:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

This is an eclipse free zone..

A ban on fast food has accomplished exactly nothing

Smoke don't get in your eyes

Drug bans are "not effective and not ethical"

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Surely Some Mistake

Published on 2015-03-20 11:09:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

Yes, we've had a good laugh about this many times before, but once more won't hurt.

Who said this in response to criticism of plain packaging proposals by the ASI?
[T]he “domino theory” i.e. that once a measure has been applied to tobacco it will be applied to other products is patently false.Why it was ASH's Deborah Arnott, of course, who is also board member of the Framework Convention Alliance which guides implementation of the WHO's FCTC.

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50 words for lobbying

Published on 2015-03-20 05:25:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

This may come as a surprise, but Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) - the UK's number one state-funded anti-smoking lobby group - is no longer allowed to lobby with the cash it gets from the government.

Ministers have been claiming since 2008 (if not earlier) that ASH's Department of Health grants can't be used for lobbying, but this lie was exposed when ASH's grant application form clearly showed that some of the money was to be used for "media advocacy and lobbying".

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Slippery slope? Nah!

Published on 2015-03-19 14:07:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

The new Tobacco Atlas, published by the World Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Society, was unveiled at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health this week.

There is a striking image on page 80.

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Training Journalists To Condemn E-Cigs

Published on 2015-03-19 13:55:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

Apart from a laughable story on Friday about their plan to eradicate legal and illegal tobacco sales by 2040, the latest tobacco control expenses-funded beano in Abu Dhabi (WCTOH) isn't producing much of any significance.

Except, of course, yet more examples of the almost frenzied neuroticism of the anti-smoking movement in general. Transparency was again a secondary concern as vapers who attempted to follow the junket's Twitter feed found when they were promptly blocked.

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New Commentary Argues that Electronic Cigarette Use Can Improve Respiratory Health Among Smokers

Published on 2015-03-19 12:29:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco and Alcohol News Analysis and Commentary

In a commentary published yesterday in BMC Medicine, Dr. Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania reviews existing evidence regarding the respiratory effects of electronic cigarette use. He concludes that switching to electronic cigarettes "can reverse harm from tobacco smoking."

The key findings were as follows:

 "Long-term changes in lung function have been monitored for up to 1 year in a large group of ‘healthy’ smokers who were invited to quit or reduce their tobacco consumption by switching to a first generation EC. Significant early positive changes from baseline of a sensitive measure of obstruction in the more peripheral airways (i.e., forced expiratory flow measured between 25% and 75% of FVC) were already detected at 3 months after switching in those who completely gave up tobacco smoking, with steady progressive improvements being observed also at 6 and 12 months (Polosa R, unpublished observation)." ... 

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The plain packs cottage industry

Published on 2015-03-19 03:48:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Yawn. Another day, another Guardian article desperately trying to pretend that plain packaging wasn't a flop.

Comprehensive research shows a year [sic] after being introduced, Australia’s legislation is a success and has prompted smokers to think about quitting
This refers to a supplement from Tobacco Control magazine which brings together a number of studies on the subject, topped off with an editorial by "Mad" Gerard Hastings.

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La Tribune de Genève:" La rénovation du Café de l'Hôtel-de-Ville reste dans les limbes"

Published on 2015-03-18 17:41:21.
Website: Accueil

La Tribune de Genève: " Une large majorité du Municipal de la Ville ne veut pas du projet présenté par Rémy Pagani. Un troisième débat n'y a rien changé.
Quelques dizaines de mètres séparent la cour de l'Hôtel de Ville et la salle dans laquelle siège le Municipal de l'établissement à rénover.
La Ville de Genève a bien du mal avec les factures des projets de rénovation de ses restaurants. Après la Perle du Lac en octobre, c’était mercredi au tour de la mise aux normes du café-restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville de passer un bien mauvais quart d’heure. En réalité, si la demande de crédit de 2,5 millions de francs n’a pas été jetée prestement à la poubelle, c’est uniquement parce que la tenue d’un troisième débat a été obtenue in extremis. Il s'est déroulé à partir de 22 heures 15, mais n'a en rien changé les positions des uns et des autres."

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Bras de fer sur le dossier médical électronique

Published on 2015-03-18 07:28:43.
Website: Accueil

ATS: "Les hôpitaux ne devraient pas être les seuls obligés à proposer une informatisation des données médicales. Malgré l'opposition de la branche et les menaces de référendum, le National a décidé mercredi d'imposer le dossier électronique aux médecins.

"Le patient restera libre de se tourner ou non vers cette offre. Personne n'a contesté la nécessité à légiférer sur le dossier électronique. La principale pomme de discorde a été le caractère doublement facultatif (chez le patient et le médecin) de son introduction.

"Le Conseil fédéral, comme le Conseil des Etats, est très réticent à obliger tous les fournisseurs de prestation de proposer une telle offre et souhaite se limiter aux hôpitaux et aux homes.

"En se concentrant sur le domaine stationnaire, on agit là où c'est utile. Ce qui incitera la médecine ambulatoire à suivre, a plaidé le ministre de la santé Alain Berset.

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Respect the professionals!

Published on 2015-03-17 16:06:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Today saw the start of the 16th World Conference on Tobacco Or Health (I know, I know. It should be "and". They're trying to make a point. Just ignore it.)

This year, the vast, taxpayer-funded shindig for tobacco control troughers professionals is being hosted in Abu Dhabi. And since no expense is too great for the champions of the people's health, the main residential hotel is the five star Hyatt Capital Gate.

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